Dr. Roy Maltby's Research in Print

Dr. Roy Maltby's Research in Print

"Pure Product Polynomials and the Prouhet-Tarry-Escott Problem",
      Mathematics of Computation (U.S.A.),
            Volume 66, Number 219, July 1997, Pages 1323-1340

"Bigger and Better Subset-Sum Distinct Sets",
      Mathematika (England),
            Volume 44 (1997), pages 56-60.

"Root Systems and the Erdos-Szekeres Problem",
      Acta Arithmetica (Poland),
            LXXXI.3 (1997), pages 229-245.

"A Combinatorial Identity of Subset-Sum Powers in Rings",
      Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics (U.S.A.),
            to appear in Volume 29, Number 4.

"When Is Every Minimal Cutset an Antichain?",
      Acta Scientarum Mathematicorum (Hungary),
            Volume 59 (1994), Pages 381-403

"Every Cutset Meets Every Fibre in Certain Poset Products",
      Discrete Mathematics (U.S.A.),
            Volume 194 (1999), pages 195-203.

"Posets in Which Every Cutset Meets Every Fibre", with Peter Gibson
      Discrete Mathematics (U.S.A.),
            Volume 194 (1999), pages 107-127.

"A Smallest-Fibre-Size to Poset-Size Ratio Approaching 8/15",
      Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A (U.S.A.),
            Volume 61, Number 2, November, 1992, pages 328-330.

"A Note on Maximal Antichains in Ordered Sets", with Sylvia Williamson
      Order (Canada),
            Volume 9 (1992), pages 55-67.