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Résumé of Dr. Roy Maltby

Résumé of Dr. Roy Maltby

University Degrees

            Ph.D., Mathematics,
                  Simon Fraser University, October, 1996,
                        supervised by Prof. Peter Borwein,
                              Thesis title: Pure Product Polynomials of Small Norm, published in part in:
                                    Mathematics of Computation (U.S.A.),
                                    Mathematika (England),
                                    Acta Arithmetica (Poland),
                                    Rocky Mountain Journal of Mathematics (U.S.A.).

            M.Sc., Pure Mathematics,
                  University of Calgary, 1993,
                        supervised by Prof. Bill Sands
                              Thesis title: Cutsets and Fibres in Partially Ordered Sets, published in part in:
                                    Acta Scientarum Mathematicorum (Hungary),
                                    Discrete Mathematics (U.S.A.) 2 articles.

            B.Sc. Honours, Pure Mathematics and Computer Science (two majors, Honours in both),
                  University of Calgary, 1990,
                        Undergraduate research published in
                              Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A (U.S.A.),
                              Order (Canada).

Selected Experience

            February, 1997 to March, 1998; January, 1999 to March, 2000:
                  Mathematician at Excel Geophysics.
                        Mathematical Analysis and Software Development in Visual C++, Visual Basic, and FORTRAN.
                        Developing new algorithms for data analysis to find deposits of oil, gas, and minerals;

            March, 1998 to December, 1998:
                  Actuarial Assistant at Crown Life Insurance.
                        Risk Analysis,
                        Amortisation of Mortgages,
                        Computation of discounted values of payments,
                        Financial reporting.

            October, 1996 to April, 1997:
                  Mathematics Instructor at University of Calgary.
                        Teaching Freshman Calculus and Linear Algebra, Invigilating and Grading Quizzes.

            July, 1996 to October, 1996:
                  Statistical study of penny stocks on the Alberta Stock Exchange.

            September, 1993 to April, 1995:
                  Mathematics Teaching Assistant at Simon Fraser University.
                        Teaching Mathematics, Marking Assignments, Invigilating and Grading Exams.

            September, 1991 to August, 1993; September, 1989 to April, 1990:
                  Mathematics Teaching Assistant at University of Calgary,
                        Teaching Mathematics, Invigilating Quizzes and Exams, Marking Assignments.
                              Freshman Linear Algebra,
                              Discrete Math for first-year computer science students,
                              Freshman Calculus,
                              Remedial Mathematics,
                              Second-Year Linear Algebra,
                              Second-Year Calculus for engineering students,
                              Math for Second-Year Education Students.

            December, 1990 to March, 1991:
                  Software Developer for Metrowerks (Montreal).
                        Computer Programming in C and Modula-2,
                        Developing a Modula-2 compiler to run on Sun and Macintosh.

            May, 1988 to August, 1988:
                  Computer Programming in C for Prof. Jim Parker, University of Calgary.
                        Developing algorithms and software for recognition of hand-printed characters.

            May, 1987 to August, 1987:
                  Computer Programming in RBase for Alberta Children's Hospital,
                        Developing Software for maintaining database of surgery data and statistical reporting of same.

            May, 1986 to August, 1986:
                  Computer Programming in Hewlett-Packard Basic and RBase for Foothills Hospital,
                        Developing Software for maintaining database of surgery data and statistical reporting of same.

Research Presentations at Professional Meetings

  • Western Number Theory Conference, Monterey, December, 1995
  • Canadian Mathematical Society Winter Meeting, Vancouver, December, 1995
  • Southeast Combinatorics Conference, Baton Rouge, February, 1991
  • Simon Fraser University Mathematics Department Seminars, 1993-1995.
  • University of Calgary Mathematics Department Seminars, 1991-1993.


            Native speaker of English.
            Second Languages: French, German, Polish, Russian.

Contest Performance

            Microsoft/ACM World Championship of Computer Programming,
            University of Calgary 4-Man Team:
                  February 21, 1990; Washington, D.C.; 8th in World Championship.
                  November 11, 1989; Calgary; 2nd in Mountain Region Qualifying.
                  November 5, 1988; Regina; 3rd in Mountain Region Qualifying.

            Operations Research Society of America Mathematical Contest in Modelling,
            University of Calgary 3-Man Team:
                  1990: Meritorious.
                  1989: Honourable Mention.

            Putnam Undergraduate Mathematics Contest (U.S.-Canada):
                  1988: 549.5th out of 2096.
                  1987: 592nd   out of 2170.
                  1986: 796.5th out of 2094.
                  1985: 650th    out of 2079.

GRE Scores

            Mathematics Subject Test: 980/990
            Quantitative: 790/800, Verbal: 670/800, Analytical: 740/800

Trivia About Me

  • My name appeared in the May, 1992 issue of Omni Magazine (circulation 750,000)
  • I played a credited part in the film Be Zero Be, televised nationally in Canada.
  • I am acknowledged as a statistical consultant in The Biased Wheel Handbook
          (how to win at roulette) by Mark Billings and Brent Frederickson
  • I scored 31 on the Mega Test, corresponding to an IQ at the 99.986th percentile of the general population